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Buddy was launched in 2018 to supply in-house food safety, health & safety and risk assessment training for its sister company, Buddy, which offers results-oriented sampling, demonstrations, field marketing and experiential campaigns for brands and retailers.

We soon realised that other businesses could benefit from quality training solutions, and, building on our knowledge and expertise from this venture allowed us to grow into a nationally recognised centre that prides itself on providing end-to-end learning and development solutions and exceptional courses nationwide.

Our aim for the future is to grow our multitude of learners and give them the best educational experiences. When learning with Buddy you can expect to be involved and hands on in the training, this is proven to help our learners store information better and take the skills with them for a lifetime. Buddy will get you trained quick with an exceptional experience at an affordable price.

Not only do we support you through the learning process, we can support you after with any questions you may have. Once you learn with Buddy you can always count on us for any learning support.
Having trust in someone is to rely and depend on. You will always be able to depend on us to deliver a great course and help you learn through the best methods.
Take the skills you learn with you forever. When learning with Buddy you will be getting hands on and practical so that you can easily convert the skills learned into real life situations.
A training experience can sometimes be daunting so we are there to greet you with a smile and take you under our wing. We welcome you all into the Buddy family with open arms.
We adapt to everyone’s learning styles, no one should have to miss out on valuable knowledge. Everyone learns in different ways, so we have many learning methods available for you to choose from.
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Meet the Buddies.

Our team of experts produce free resources to help your with your training and reach your goals. 

Terry Rothero

Training & Development Specialist


Nazleen Hutchinson

Training Instructor


Max Curtis

Digital Marketing


Simone Adams

Account Executive


Ben Curtis

Business Development

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Our Team Training Sessions Are Comprehensive And Affordable

The convenient way to train your team. We offer a range of courses from as low as £12 per learner.

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We Have Rebranded!

We are excitied to announce that Buddy has rebranded to GetBuddy.

Same great courses under a new brand!