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In-House Workplace Training

Discover our range of in-house training courses, ensuring collaborative sessions to empower and up-skill your employees. As one of the leading corporate training providers in the UK, you can be assured that your team will receive a high standard of training, completed to an accredited specification.

  • Accredited in-house training
  • Empower & Upskill your staff
  • Industry-leading training instructors

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Our Available In-House Training Courses

Level 2 in Food Safety For Catering

This Level 2 Food Safety in Catering course will equip a learner with knowledge of basic food hygiene practices that are essential in the catering industry.

It will give them a thorough understanding of how to control common food safety risks. A learner will gain the confidence and expertise needed to deliver quality food to your customers.

1 Day, 9:30am - 5pm

Highfield Level 2 Award in Food Safety For Catering


Buddy's Approach To In-House Training

As well as our classroom and online training courses, we are also able to deliver in-house training for your team at your locations, offering added flexibility and convenience. We have a number of workplace training courses for employees, which can be used as part of your employee development plan or as stand-alone courses.

Employee training and development is a critical aspect of any successful business, and our in-house courses combine interactive learning with accredited training specifications.

We are one of the leading corporate training providers in the UK, utilising revolutionary teaching methods to ensure classes are both enjoyable and informative. Team training can be beneficial to build strong relationships between employees, bringing the team together, and forming a more cohesive unit.

We deliver a variety of in-house accredited workplace training courses, including First Aid at Work, Food Safety, & Hygiene and Business Training. Don’t hesitate to invest in your staff and build a team your business can be proud of, and who will be proud to be a part of your organisation. Contact our team to discuss our in-house training capabilities.

What Are The Benefits of In-House Training?

There are countless advantages of in-house training for employees, all of which contribute to employee development, satisfaction, and value, building a skilled workforce. 

Having our instructors visit your site is a cost-effective and efficient way to complete your workplace training, ensuring candidates are in an environment they are used to, learning with the equipment, people, and situations they will face day-to-day.

  • Cost-effective training methods
  • Real-life working environments
  • Comfortable & Familiar Surroundings
  • Friendly and supportive team

What We Need From You

To be able to complete on-site training at one of your locations, multiple requirements need to be met for this to be possible. As these are in-house classroom-esque courses, there is a maximum of 12 candidates per session, with a suitable classroom/meeting room space a must to ensure a dedicated & undisturbed training environment.

Other on-site training requirements also include a minimum number of 6 delegates per course to ensure that your training can go ahead.

In-House Training FAQs

There several benefits that you will see when booking one of our in-house training courses, giving you the added flexibility of ensuring your employees are learning in a familiar environment, allowing them to put their training into practice and get a real feeling for how this training can benefit them in their everyday work.

Additionally, completing in-house training will save your staff time, money, and convenience, as they will not be required to travel to a training facility.

When booking an in-house training course with Buddy, you can be assured that you are receiving an industry-leading standard of teaching, utilising a detailed and specific syllabus outlined by industry professionals. Here at Buddy, we work closely with our industry bodies to ensure our courses are as informative and interactive as possible, and we have also worked tirelessly to ensure we only work with the best accreditors in the industry, giving you qualifications you can be proud to have.

We also understand that each client and workplace is different, with specific topics holding more relevance. If you have any individual requirements or want to know more about what our courses include, contact our team, who will try to accommodate where possible.

In order to change the date of your course, our team will need at least 14 days’ notice to allow us to re-schedule our instructors and organise a more suitable time for your training to be completed.

If you want to change the date of your course, do not hesitate to contact our team, who are on hand to ensure your training requirements are met.

As previously mentioned, each course requires at least 6 delegates to attend, with our classroom courses being suitable for a maximum of 12 candidates per session. Additionally, if one of our online courses is required, we are able to deliver training to more than 12 candidates, allowing you to book your whole team on one course.

For more information, contact our team of experts to discuss your requirements and how Buddy can help you.

We Have Rebranded!

We are excitied to announce that Buddy has rebranded to GetBuddy.

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