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Health and Safety Training

Ensure the safety of yourself and those around you by completing one of our comprehensive health and safety training courses. 

Learn essential skills and knowledge to identify & mitigate workplace hazards, prevent accidents and promote a culture of safety. Don’t hesitate to invest in your well-being and create a safer working environment by booking online now.

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Our Health and Safety Courses

Health and Safety Level 1

This course is a perfect introduction to Health & Safety training for employees in the workplace. It identifies and explains common hazards which can be found and effective measures to minimize the risks they pose to staff. 

2-4 Hours

Health and Safety Level 1


Health and Safety Level 2

Our Level 2 Health & Safety course aims to teach learners the fundamental principles in Health & Safety which can be applied within the workplace regardless of job role or industry. An understanding of Health & Safety is imperative to keep yourself and colleagues safe in the workplace. 

4-6 Hours

Health and Safety Level 2


Our Team Training Sessions Are Comprehensive And Affordable

The convenient way to train your team. We offer a range of courses from as low as £12 per learner.

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A talented team is the core to a successful learner experience. Our Buddies are constantly building on their expansive knowledge to bring you the latest course materials. We stay ahead of the curve so that you can too!

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“Terry came to visit my team on-site, and it was an incredibly informative and interactive food hygiene course. Terry delivered the information with passion and made the whole team feel relaxed and ready to learn, it was, without doubt, the best delivery of a food hygiene course.”
Ginny Thomas

Why Choose Buddy?

When choosing Buddy for your health and safety training needs, you can be assured that the knowledge you will gain is up-to-date, current, and extensive, covering all aspects of health and safety, ensuring you, your staff, and your business are protected in the case of an emergency.

We have worked tirelessly to ensure all of our courses provide students with the best training experience possible, giving them the best chance possible to gain their desired qualifications. We have the capability to deliver training to multiple employees at the same time with our health and safety group training sessions, with courses available from just £20 per attendee.

Experts in our Industry

Since our creation, we have helped numerous students and organisations with health and safety training, with both level 1 and level 2 courses available to book online now. You can be assured that when you complete one of our courses, you are being taught by experts with years of experience in delivering these courses.

We have courses available for all employees, including health and safety training for managers, ensuring that your business is compliant with all legal requirements. Alternatively, this course is ideal if you’re looking to broaden your knowledge and invest in yourself and your personal development, giving you invaluable knowledge and skills.

Professional & Dedicated Instructors

As one of the leading health and safety training providers in the industry, we have worked hard to ensure all our instructors hold all the relevant qualifications and accreditation necessary to deliver these courses.

Additionally, all of our instructors are enthusiastic and dedicated to mastering their professions by continuously gaining new knowledge and staying up to date with industry trends and standards.

Immaculate Facilities

As with all our available training courses, we ensure your session is completed in a dedicated, comfortable, and undisturbed environment, away from distractions, allowing you to focus and take in the course content.

Not only will you receive a top-quality standard of teaching, but you can be assured that your course will be carried out in a suitable facility. Our extensive training network means that we can deliver health and safety training across the country, as well as provide online courses, allowing you to complete the training from the comfort of your own home.

You can be assured that no matter what, if you complete either our health and safety level 1 or level 2 courses, online or classroom-based, you will receive the best training experience possible.

What is Health and Safety Training?

Health and Safety training explores the responsibilities and legal requirements, as well as potential hazards and risks in the workplace, teaching students emergency processes and best practices e.g., fire evacuations.

Our health and safety training courses cover all aspects of workplace health and safety, including important topics such as legal responsibilities, work equipment, first aid, and manual handling. These courses are ideal for beginners or anyone looking to expand on their existing knowledge.

Other Training Courses

As specialists in workplace training, we have an extensive range of topics and courses available, including business training courses and food safety hygiene training.

If you are interested in any of our courses, you can book them online now or contact our team to discuss your training requirements.

We Have Rebranded!

We are excitied to announce that Buddy has rebranded to GetBuddy.

Same great courses under a new brand!