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New Beginnings For The Buddy

Buddy plans to enter 2021 with a fresh new approach to help businesses and individuals accomplish their training goals.

Like many other businesses across the globe, 2020 was certainly not the year we had in mind. Despite this, we remained optimistic and saw the national lockdown as an opportunity to reflect and adapt our service offering. The pandemic had pressed pause on our 2020 classroom schedule. This gave our team some invaluable thinking space and the ability to develop new methods to deliver our training. We knew we had to adapt and change to what we are now calling “the new normal”.  

So before we make a toast to the New Year, we wanted to share what we have accomplished over the past 12 months.   

Our New Website Is Live!

We have launched a new website! Our new website details our range of services and how we can help both businesses and individuals looking for training solutions.

Explore Our Online Courses

We now offer Elearning. We have partnered with Highfield and now provide 12 interactive courses across a range of compliant subject areas. All of our online courses have been written and developed by an expert team at Highfield and meet the OFQUAL standard of training and learning. All of our Elearning courses have also been accredited by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and is a perfect method of learning from home if attending.

Qualify At Home Service

We also now offer a remote examination service called: Qualify at Home! It is ideal for a learner who wishes to elevate their elearning course to earn a qualification. We conduct a virtual exam with a member of the Highfield invigilation present, simulating the same experience as a classroom course but from home.

Meet Our New Team

Lastly, we expanded our team and now have three regional trainers across the UK ready to deliver Food Safety courses. We also have an account management team ready to assist and offer consultation for our customers and their ongoing training needs.

It has been a year of learning and development for the Buddy. Like many other businesses, the challenges we have faced this year has tested us at times. However, it has also highlighted our passion to continue to provide high-quality training solutions. No matter the delivery method, we aim to keep our services affordable and accessible to all.  

We hope with our new range of services and team in place for the New Year we can be a great source of help for businesses which are planning to reopen and start afresh in 2021.

To find out more, please see our website: 


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We Have Rebranded!

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