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Customer case study: WDS celebrates operational success

2022 has started well for Warehouse Demo Services. Following a very difficult 18 months due to the challenges of the pandemic, WDS recently won Gold at the annual Field Marketing and Brand Experience Awards! This was an amazing win for WDS, as they took home the award for operational success. The awards are the biggest in Europe and are the highest recognition for agencies operating at the pinnacle of the field marketing industry.

Buddy are the sole training provider for WDS. WDS has over 800 members of staff and our trainers are continually hosting bespoke classroom courses in a range of compliant subjects’ areas to meet the needs of their teams across the UK. 

How Were Buddy Involved?

The return to business as usual after the pandemic was no small feat for WDS. During the height of the UK government lockdown many of the staff were furloughed. The return to food sampling in Costco had to be strategically planned and Buddy was involved in making sure their training was up to date after their break from work.

Buddy runs classroom courses across the UK for WDS

What Training Did We Do?

Every brand ambassador working for WDS must obtain a Level 2 Food Hygiene qualification. Every manager in each warehouse location must have a Level 3 Food Hygiene and a Level 3 Health and Safety qualification.  Returning to work after the furlough period ended meant there was a lot of staff requiring their qualifications to be refreshed. 

Planning For The Future

Buddy continue to support WDS with the training of their teams and we are proud to be a part of their recent award success.   Since January 2022, it was requested we deliver some of our Level 2 Food Hygiene courses remotely and we were able to support this via our eLearning courses.

Our trainers have also started teaching First Aid for Mental Health to WDS managers and will be supporting the rest of the business with a new induction programme for training new starters. This will be a blend of bespoke immersive eLearning as well as our continued classroom qualification courses.  

Next Steps

Our ongoing partnership with WDS delivers real and lasting results for their business.  If you have any training requirements, our team are on hand to support you. To find out more, go to our website: www.fizztrainingacademy.co.uk

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